Mission Statement

SONshine Ministries, Inc. was organized in June, 1985 with the expressed purpose:  "...to provide Christian and educational radio programs to the public; to provide unique types of radio programming that in themselves do not generate sufficient sponsor interest but could be listener supported."  The late Samuel H. Shrum was the founding president.  SONshine Ministries has a non-profit status with the IRS and has a board of eight directors.

SONshine Ministries provides a way by which listeners can directly help keep the Christian format on WBTX by contributing to the non-profit organization. SONshine Ministries then has sponsorship contracts with the station and pays for the time to sponsor selected programs. Sponsored programs include: Insight for Living with Chuck Swindoll, In Touch with Charles Stanley, Breakpoint, and others.  Of course, there are also certain types of advertising that WBTX will not consider, such as advertising for the lottery and beer companies.  By contributing to these sponsorships through SONshine Ministries, Christians can support a local Christian radio format that reflects their own moral, social and Biblical values.  By the way, you can download our current newsletter in an Adobe Reader PDF format by clicking HERE.

Recently, we received this note from a listener:

"We thank God for supplying the needs of Christian radio. The music and spoken Word may be the only church some people receive. May God continue to bless the ministry."

Think on that for a moment. Lives are changed because listeners heard the solid, biblical teaching on a local Christian radio station. Your support does make a difference in the world that seems to be reeling uncontrollably, as evidenced by recent spiritual declines and economic/political uncertainty. God continues to be faithful to provide support of SONshine Ministries through listeners like yourself. May you receive a blessing for your provision.

SONshine Ministries - P.O.Box 731 - Harrisonburg, Virginia 22803 - Phone: (540) 810-6236 - Fax: (540) 896-1448